Meet the team

 The Oxford Edens Team

Gavin – Partner, Gardener & Chimney Sweep


A gardener at heart, Gavin started Oxford Edens in November 2010. Horticultural qualifications with the RHS and a healthy appetite for hard work helped generate initial business, and from there “word of mouth” has enabled Oxford Edens to work in so many more sumptuous, challenging and (always) interesting gardens. A recently qualified chimney sweep, he’ll always return home from work tarnished in soil or soot.

Ginny – Partner

Since June 2015, Ginny has been a full-time partner in the business, ensuring timesheets, job sheets, holiday sheets and dust sheets are all functioning with unrivalled efficiency. She also manages the chimney sweep, Christmas tree and log delivery sides of the business. An outdoor girl at heart, she often accompanies the gardeners on jobs to help the outdoor aspect run as smoothly as the indoor elements.

Shaun – Chimney Sweep & Gardener


The hardest working man on the planet, Shaun is a machine. A highly competent chimney sweep (it’s in his blood), Shaun also spent years in Cumbria working as a gardener, so he can quite comfortably flit between sweeping and gardening, sometimes even during the course of the day! Hedge-cutting is his outdoor specialism…..Edward Scissorhands in fifth gear.

Paddy – Security

Our 13-stone baby, he’s not so keen on long days in the sun, more akin to a nice comfy sofa at home, but when he does come out he gets the attention of all the girls…and boys. Don’t ask him to dig or offer him your lunch, then all is well.


Hattie would quite happily come to work all day every day and never get tired.