Careful and thorough preparation of the base for the turf is crucial.  We then carefully lay excellent quality fresh turf.

Caring for your new turf

  • Do not walk on or place anything on your new turf for two weeks.  If you do need to walk on it to water it, make sure you use planks of wood to walk on, to avoid damaging the turf.
  • Water the turf all over twice a day (in Summer) for a good couple of hours paying particular attention to the joins and edges.  In Autumn, you will get away with once a day and only on days where we have heavy persistent rain will you get away with not watering.
  • You will need to use a hose with a hose gun and sprinklers are great for large areas but it is still best to manually water the joins and edges with a hose if possible.
  • You will know when the turf has taken as you will not be able to lift it.  At this stage the turf will draw water from the soil via its roots so you no longer need to water although if is particularly sunny it is a good idea to water some evenings.
  • Don’t mow the turf for at least 2 weeks.

Heyford Park

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